Microsuction is the procedure utilised at My Ear Care to remove earwax. The audiologist will use a specialist headlight with microscope to view exactly what they are doing inside your ear while gently removing the wax with a suction equipment at low pressure. Microsuction is considered the safest method of removing wax from the ear because it is painless, quick, effective, and hygienic. It uses no water or high pressure, unlike outmoded procedures like syringing/irrigation, making it the gold standard approach for earwax removal in medical practise.

Using a natural olive oil spray for a few days before the procedure will help relieve the ear wax better. We advocate using olive oil even if it’s only a few hours ahead of time. However, earwax can nearly always be removed without pre-treatment using microsuction, so even if you haven’t been able to soften it, we can still remove it depending on the extent of earwax. Chemical solutions such as Otex, sodium bicarbonate, or hydrogen peroxide should not be used since they are harmful to the skin in your ear canal and can cause the wax to migrate deeper.

Although a small amount of wax in the ear canal is necessary to keep the ears healthy, certain factors can cause wax to build up. In this case, it’s critical to seek professional help as soon as possible rather than attempting to clear the blockage on your own. Leaving an earwax blockage untreated might make you more susceptible to persistent ear infections and make regular activities like showering, swimming, vehicle rides, and flights exceedingly painful. Pain, a sense of fullness, itching, tinnitus, disorientation, and hearing loss are all common symptoms of excessive wax. The longer a blockage goes untreated, the more it accumulates, the worse the symptoms get, and the more difficult it is to clear.

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