We take ear impressions for custom moulded ear products such as ‘digital noise suppression earplugs’, ‘swim-moulds to protect the inner ear from water’, ‘noise suppression sleeping custom moulds’ and so on.

  • Custom-made earplugs: Made to fit the exact shape of an your ear canal, providing maximum comfort and protection from loud noise.

  • Custom-made in-ear monitors: These are designed for musicians and other performers, providing high-quality sound and a comfortable fit.

  • Custom-made swim plugs: These are designed to protect the ears from water and prevent ear infections while swimming.

  • Custom-made noise protection earplugs: These are designed for industrial workers and other individuals who are exposed to loud noise on a regular basis.

  • Custom-made earmolds: These are used with communication devices, such as two-way radios, and provide a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Custom-made ear protection for shooting: These earplugs are designed to protect the ears from loud gunfire while still allowing the individual to hear normal conversation and range commands.

All of these products can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the individual, providing maximum comfort and optimal performance.

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